Articles and Conditions

LECCETAXI.IT is a booking service managed by MOVEO APULIA SRL with registered office in Lecce (Italy) at Via FORLI ’10 b – VAT number 05188230758, registered in the Lecce Business Register under no. REA LE -348612 and regulated by the law in force in Italy.

Through its websites,,, Moveo Apulia offers transfer services by car, van and bus with regular license from the municipalities of Salento with capacity from 1 to 8 passengers depending on the availability and the car requested at the time of booking.


  1. When two or more people are included in the same online booking, or when the “online” booking is made on behalf of third parties, the person making the booking will be treated as an agent towards the other members of the group (Passengers) and, therefore, accepts, on their behalf, the present conditions of service proposed by It should be noted that these conditions of service are also accepted even if the reservation is made by telephone or text message.

  2. When booking online, the customer declares to be adult and ensures that all the data provided correspond to reality and are correct; will not be responsible for any errors in the booking and will not refund anything in the event of missing services due to these errors. If these errors imply that MOVEO APULIA SRL or any related suppliers must perform a service different from the one actually booked and that this entails additional costs to the service, the Customer, subject to the authorization of the company coordinator, will have to pay the difference directly to the driver. before the completion of the service.

  3. If MOVEO APULIA SRL will be able to carry out the requested service, the customer will receive, always by e-mail, the booking confirmation (travel voucher) and the cost of the service can be paid at the discretion of the driver before carrying out the service. o after the completion of the service or by advance bank transfer if requested at the time of booking. Should Moveo Apulia srl not be able, for reasons of car coordination and Drivers, to carry out the service, it will send the customer, via e-mail, the cancellation of his “Booking Request” and any payment already received.

  4. In the months of July and August it is not possible to cancel any booking reserved for week end days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Extraordinary events

In case of delays or cancellations of reservations by Moveo Apulia due to bad weather, police checks, failure of the vehicle used for the service, and other unforeseeable events of any other nature, including power and line, telephone and internet blackouts that compromise the transmissions of confirmations / cancellations of online reservations, MOVEO APULIA SRL will not be responsible for the inconvenience due to such cancellation of the reservation, the refund will be duly made only in case of advance payment made at the time of booking by bank transfer , within thirty (30) days from the date of the request to the address In case of breakdown of the vehicle and replacement of the same by our company, no refund will be due if the service was in any case carried out at the times indicated in the booking, the cost of the price difference will be reimbursed only in the case of higher segment car selection.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check that all the data printed on the Travel Ticket actually correspond to those chosen by himself at the time of booking. Any anomalies must be promptly communicated by e-mail to, or by telephone or via WA at the times indicated on the pages of the website, before carrying out the service.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide a valid mobile phone number for at least one of the passengers, including any international prefix, for any eventuality, since the departure time from the agreed pick up locations may vary in case of bad weather or of heavy traffic or any other reason that jeopardizes the usual regular performance. In the event that the passenger does not have a mobile phone, the telephone number of the home or accommodation facility where the passenger is staying must be indicated. Any change in the pick up time will be notified by telephone or WA by within the 24/36 hours preceding the transfer. It is therefore the responsibility of the passengers to check any messages received on the mobile phone by MOVEO APULIA SRL. Any reservations without telephone contact, even if confirmed by the LecceTaxi® automatic booking system, will be considered void and the service will not be provided.

For pick up to be made at airport terminals, it should be noted that drivers are authorized to wait for passengers for a maximum of sixty (60) minutes from the expected arrival time. It will be the Customer and / or Passenger’s responsibility to note the telephone number sent in the confirmation, in fact, in the event of changes in schedules or any delays in boarding for departure, to avoid the loss of the transfer, this delay must be promptly reported by telephone and the new expected arrival time must be communicated.

In the event that there are delays in boarding or changes in schedules or other reasons that may cause the loss of the transfer without the Customer and / or Passenger having previously contacted or the assigned driver, the transfer can be cancelled.

In order to ensure timely delivery of the service and avoid the occurrence of misunderstandings, it will be the customer’s responsibility to make himself easily reachable on his mobile phone. In the event of a prolonged unreachable number or incorrect number reported during the online booking phase using the booking form, the agency reserves the right to cancel the booking even if previously confirmed and paid for by e-mail.

Prepaid reservations by credit card can only be cancelled up to 24 hours before the date of the service by mail or by telephone, in this case only during office hours. Any reimbursement will be made by MOVEO APULIA SRL exclusively following a request and at the discretion of the company, also on the basis of the type of service requested and not satisfied due to the cancellation. The sum collected via the POS terminal can in any case be used within 6 months from the date of the first booking as a credit for subsequent services, provided at the rates specified on the website The reimbursement will be paid with the deduction of bank charges.

The legal rights of the Customer can in no case be denied or diminished. These General Conditions are subject to the provisions of Italian law. For any dispute that may arise between the customer and MOVEO APULIA SRL, the Court of Lecce will be competent.


  1. MOVEO APULIA SRL is not obliged to verify any delays of planes, ships, trains or other means of transport used by the Customer. It is the Client’s responsibility to promptly communicate any delays to the agency’s references.

  2. In the event that the Customer has booked a transfer from the airport and there is a delay in the arrival of the flight, our driver will wait up to sixty (60) minutes from the expected arrival. Beyond 60 minutes of waiting, upon communication by the customer and acceptance of the same, a supplement may be applied at the discretion of Moveo Apulia, compared to the rate agreed at the time of booking, equal to € 25.00, to be paid directly to the driver before making the transfer. If the Customer does not communicate the delay of more than 60 minutes or does not accept this surcharge for waiting, the driver will not perform the service and the Customer will have lost the transfer and will not be entitled to any refund in case of payment made in advance.


  1. All vehicles of Moveo Apulia and of its suppliers / partners are regularly insured for civil liability towards third parties according to current legislation.

  2. All transfers made by Moveo Apulia srl ​​are reserved transfers and the guest / customer is collected from the exact address or facility or public place indicated at the time of booking. However, there may be some locations in which, due to particular conditions due to traffic limitations, environmental and road conditions or other, it may not be possible to arrive with the means of transport used by MOVEO APULIA SRL directly at the Customers’ residence and / o Passengers. In these cases it will be the Client’s responsibility to contact the Moveo Apulia Offices to highlight any difficulty in routing or traffic limitations and to agree on an alternative pick up point and time. In the event that the Customer does not notify the MOVEO APULIA SRL offices in advance of any such difficulties in routing or traffic limitations and, as a result, loses the transfer, the company will not be responsible for the inconvenience caused by the loss of the transfer.


  1. The cancellation of the reservation can only be made by e-mail to and will be confirmed and replied by e-mail. If the customer does not receive the cancellation confirmation e-mail, it is his responsibility to contact the agency’s offices by telephone during office times.

  2. Online reservations by credit card cancelled within 48 hours before the date of the service, entitles you to a refund of the entire amount paid, net of bank charges. If the reservation is cancelled less than 48 hours before the ride, a variable percentage between 30% and 100% of the agreed amount for the service will be charged, or, at the discretion of the company, a voucher of equal value will be issued.

  3. The cancellation of the reservation (cash on board, credit card on board, other methods) must be made at least 12 hours before the date of the outward transfer, MOVEO APULIA SRL reserves the right to cancel any reservation at any time, in the if it is not able to guarantee the correct execution of the service, reimbursing the cost of the booked service, if paid in advance bank transfer.

  1. Any complaints and related refund requests must be prevented in writing, by e-mail to, within thirty (30) days of the service being performed.


The invoices will be sent directly by e-mail to the address indicated during the booking phase only after the payment has been done. At the end of the service, a proof of payment without any fiscal value may be issued.

For long-term rental services with driver MOVEO APULIA SRL reserves the right to request a credit card guarantee from the administrator or a guarantor for payment.