MoveoApulia®, LecceTaxi® e SalentoTaxi® are registered trademarks owned exclusively by Moveo Apulia srl Agency and the trademarks have been registered with the Lecce Chamber of Commerce.

Be wary of anyone who uses our names and / or brands improperly and / or illegally.

The Salento Drivers & Rent Agency includes in its fleet only vehicles with NCC licenses for the transport of people on behalf of third parties.

The MoveoApulia®, LecceTaxi® and SalentoTaxi® brands have for years been synonymous with high quality, reliability and fairness in the performance of the services offered.

The MoveoApulia®, LecceTaxi® and SalentoTaxi® websites of Moveo Apulia and the websites of the SalentoMultiService Consortium always show the logos:


The use of our brands and / or names on sites that do not display the above logo is to be considered unauthorized and misleading.

We therefore invite you to report any cases of improper use of logos and trademarks to the e-mail address